Crocodile in the river

Wednesday 13th December 2017


The river was flowing placidly.

Curly and Sweety waited with their mothers.

They were waiting for Uncle Ryan.

Uncle Ryan was the brother of Sweety’s mother.

He was to take them across the river.

The two girls had to face an exam.

It was to be held in the village on the other side of the river.

They waited for about five minutes.

Uncle Ryan came down the river riding on a raft.

Everyone except Sweety got onto the raft.

“Sweety get on, hurry up” uncle said.

Sweety looked scared.

“What’s wrong” asked her Mama.

Sweety looked down.

“Willy said there’s a crocodile in the river” she muttered.

“Why do you get affected by Willy’s jokes?” Mama monkey asked.

“Ryan, have you ever seen a crocodile in the river?” Mama inquired from her brother.

“A crocodile? Never” a surprised Uncle Ryan said.

Curly’s mother Mama Rabbit took Sweety’s hand.

“Come and stand in the middle of the raft” she told Sweety.

“We will stand around you” she added.

Sweety got onto the raft slowly.

She stood in the middle and continued to look down.

Others stood around her.

Ryan started riding the raft.

“Willy has just pulled your leg” Curly tried to convince Sweety.

Still Sweety wasn’t feeling alright.

The raft finally reached the bank on the other side.

Sweety felt a big relief.

“Where’s the crocodile Sweety?” Uncle Ryan asked smiling.

Sweety smiled.

Others too smiled along with her.