Chubby’s ride

Wednesday 9th May 2018


Chubby, the deer boy was in the garden.

All of a sudden he heard some cheery noises.

They came from the garden next door.

They were the voices of his aunt’s daughters – Sally and Nelly.

Chubby went there to see what excited them.

Then he figured out the reason.

The two little girls were on a funny vehicle.

It was a plank on wooden wheels.

Uncle Lester was riding it with a stick.

It was like rowing a boat along the garden.

The little girls were holding on to their father.

Uncle saw Chubby and stopped riding.

The two girls were disappointed.

“I made a new vehicle for the girls” uncle said smiling.

After a brief chat uncle went into the house.

The deer boy looked at his disappointed cousins.

“Shall we take a ride?” he asked.

The girls beamed.

Chubby started riding the vehicle.

Ruby and Emerald were behind him.

Chubby was riding quite fast.

The girls cheered in joy.

In the excitement Chubby failed to see a small rock in front of him.

The vehicle hit it hard.

Chubby went flying and landed on the ground with a thud.

He looked back to see what had happened to his cousins.