Chubby’s challenge

Wednesday 27th February 2019


Chubby, the deer boy was feeling bad.

He was way behind the others.

Everyone was practising for the sports meet.

Chubby used to be good at running.

However this time he was not fast at all.

The sports master came up to Chubby.

“Chubby you better lose some weight” he said.

“What did you eat during the holidays?” master asked.

Chubby was embarrassed.

He tried to think of the food he had eaten.

Chubby had been binging during the holidays.

Mama deer warned him.

However when she was out of sight Chubby would eat again.

That afternoon Chubby met his friends.

Charlie and Willy were cheerful as usual.

However Chubby was thoughtful.

“What’s wrong?” Charlie, the rabbit boy asked.

 After some fuss Chubby explained his problem.

“I won’t be able to win a place this time” he said.

Charlie and Willy felt sorry for Chubby.

“Why don’t you exercise daily” Charlie suggested.

“Let’s run daily instead of playing cricket” he added.

“Will that help?” Chubby asked.

“Yes you will lose weight gradually” said Charlie.

Willy the monkey boy was thoughtful.

He cannot run races with a deer boy and a rabbit boy.