Wednesday 13th February 2019


Fox Brown was walking fast.

Papa Rabbit was right behind him.

Papa knew that Brown was angry with his son, Damien.

Brown first went to the playground.

Damien was not there.

However Brown and Papa could hear voices nearby.

They proceeded towards where the voices came from.

There was a big tree canopy next to the ground.

The voices came from there.

Fox Brown stopped at the entrance to the canopy.

There were four boys there.

Damien was right in the middle.

Brown’s cloak was hanging from a branch of a tree.

Papa rabbit too saw Damien and the cloak.

At first the boys did not see them.

Brown waited for some time.

Afterwards he walked towards them.

Damien was stunned when he saw his father.

He sheepishly looked at the cloak.

Brown stared at him livid with anger.

There was silence.

After some time Brown spoke.

“Get me the cloak” he ordered Damien.

Damien slowly walked up to the tree.

He climbed a few feet and took off the cloak.

Then he started climbing down.

Fox Brown stood right under the tree.