Candy seller

Wednesday 9th January 2019


Every child knows Edward.

He is a candy seller.

Edward visits the village once a month.

He arrives on the last Sunday of every month.

All the children in the village await his arrival.

Edward walked up to the grocery.

He was a happy man.

He had sold all his sweets by noon.

Papa Rabbit welcomed him.

Charlie and Curly were there.

“Uncle Edward that chewing gum was yummy” Charlie said.

“Please bring them next time as well” he pleaded.

“Ok Ok” Edward agreed.

“Chocolate for me” Curly said.

“Will bring lots of them” Edward promised.

Edward had a cold sherbet from the grocery.

After that he said bye to everyone and left.

A little later a loud yell was heard.

“A ghost, a ghost”

Papa, Charlie and Curly rushed out of the grocery.

Edward came running towards them.

He was in so much distress.