Bear’s secret

Wednesday 20th March 2019


The boys gave up the race.

They were more interested in the bear.

“Why is he looking for your father?” Willy asked.

“No idea” a puzzled Charlie said.

“Shall we too go to the grocery?” Chubby asked.

The other too could not refuse.

They were equally curious as Chubby.

They walked fast towards the grocery.

 “Shall we go to the backyard and listen” asked Chubby.

“The bear must be on an important errand” Chubby reminded.

Charlie was hesitating a little.

Eavesdropping is a bad habit.

As then they saw Mama Rabbit coming out of the grocery.

The boys ran towards her.

“Mama, why has that bear come to the grocery?” Charlie asked.

Mama smiled.

“That bear is going to live in the village” Mama broke the news.

The three boys were stunned.

There had never been bears in the village.

“He will bring his family next week” Mama explained.

“His wife and three kids” Mama added.

The boys were even more surprised.