Angry Monty

Wednesday 20th May 2020


Monty returned home from school.

He was in a huff.

Mama Bear Lolita was concerned.

“Why Monty?” she asked.

Monty looked down.

“I am not going to school hereafter” he replied grumpily.

“Why?” a surprised Mama Bear asked.

“Boys are calling me sleeping beauty” Monty said softly.

Monty’s sister burst into laughter.

Mama bear frowned at her.

Next she sat next to Monty.

“Why do they call you names, dear” Mama Bear asked.

“Because I slept through the storm” Monty mumbled.

He was almost in tears.

“Oh they will forget that in a day or two” Mama Bear consoled him.

“I will ask Papa to take you to school tomorrow” she assured.

Monty felt better.

“Have a body wash. I will put lunch on the table” Mama bear said.

Monty meekly followed his mother.