A surprise for Charlie

Wednesday 11th April 2018


Charlie was becoming bored.

It was late in the afternoon.

Mama and Grand Aunt were playing the piano.

Curly too was with them.

Charlie sat on a chair in the verandah.

After a while Papa Rabbit walked up to him.

“Charlie, shall we go for a walk?” he asked.

Charlie smiled and nodded his head.

He badly wanted to go for a walk.

To his surprise Papa started walking towards the bottom of the slope.

Charlie followed him curiously.

“I heard you came this way in the morning” Papa told Charlie.

Charlie was surprised.

“Mama would have told Papa” Charlie thought.

“Yes” he replied to Papa softly.

“Let’s see what’s going on in that house” Papa suggested.

Charlie was pleasantly surprised.

So there’s nothing to worry about this time.

He was with Papa.

So no ghost can frighten him now.

From the bottom they took the path that led to the old house.

The path went right around the garden of the house.

The garden was totally overgrown.

The house stood imposingly, but had a run- down look.

It did not look like a haunted place at all.

There was nothing mysterious about it.

It was obvious that no one lived there.

“Those ghost stories must be part of village gossip” Papa said dismissively.

Charlie too shared the same thought.

He lost interest in the place.

“Let’s return” Papa suggested.

Charlie happily agreed and followed him.