A rough ride

Wednesday 16th May 2018


Sally and Nelly have fallen flat on the ground.

Chubby got really worried.

He went up to them and helped them to sit.

Fortunately they were no injuries as the ground was grassy.

“I am sorry” Chubby apologized.

He felt bad.

Chubby realized what he had done was wrong.

He should not have tried the vehicle with his cousins on board.

After all he had not ridden it before.

Besides he rode it too fast.

Chubby wondered what he should do next?

Should he tell Uncle Lester what had happened, he wondered.

Finally he decided to inform Aunt.

Aunt Cynthia is the sister of Chubby’s father.

She is sweet.

He found her attending to flower beds in the backyard.

Chubby quietly shared the news.

“Oh Charlie, they fell the first day itself with Lester” Aunt informed.

How relieved Chubby was to learn that.

“But the girls would not give up on the vehicle” she said smiling.

As then the two girls too walked up to their mother.

“See, they are ok” Aunt Cynthia assured.

After that she wiped the dust from Chubby’s T shirt.

Chubby said bye to all and proceeded towards home.