A revealing story

Wednesday 20th February 2019


Fox Brown took the cloak from Damien.

He checked its condition.

It looked ok.

Without saying anything he turned back.

Papa Rabbit followed Brown.

He could hear Damien walking slowly behind them.

Brown stopped at the junction.

He spoke to Papa Rabbit softly.

“I am so sorry that you had to waste your time on this”.

“Oh no don’t worry about that” Papa replied.

Brown, followed by Damien, proceeded towards their house.

Papa Rabbit left for the grocery.

There Charlie was waiting anxiously for him.

“What happened, Papa?” he asked.

Papa Rabbit did not say anything at first.

“I will not tell anyone” Charlie promised.

Papa sat down and started telling the story.

“So it’s Damien” a wide eyed Charlie said.

Papa nodded his head.

Charlie remembered something.

Candy seller Edward had told him about Damien.

Damien had harassed Edward twice.

He tried to snatch candy from Edward.

Charlie told that to Papa.

“Brown was very angry today” Papa told Charlie.

“Damien will get a good punishment” Papa said.

“Hope that will help the boy to give up his bad habits” he added.