A complaint by Owl family

Wednesday 13th June 2018


The new bat and ball did wonders.

Cubby hit a six in the first ball.

It took the boys about five minutes to locate the ball.

“Chubby you should not hit hard’ Willy grumbled.

“I can’t go looking for the ball” he added.

Chubby looked around.

He planned to hit the ball towards the valley.

There were only a few trees there.

It’s easy to see the ball then.

Charlie ran down the pitch to bowl to Chubby.

Chubby played a stroke.

It did not go as he planned.

The ball hit a tree a few metres away from him.

Willy ran to pick the ball up as it fell down.

As he did he heard a voice from above.

“Can’t you play without disturbing our sleep?”

Willy looked up.

It was Owl Andrew putting his head out of a hollow in a tree.

“The ball hit this tree like a thunderbolt” he grumbled.

As he spoke his wife too joined him.

“Yes our little ones got scared” she informed Willy.

Then Willy saw something sweet.

Three owlets came out from the hollow.

They looked like cotton balls.

“We are sorry” Willy apologized to Owl Andrew and his wife.

By then Charlie and Chubby too had come there.

Willy explained to them what had happened.

“Why do they sleep during the day?” Chubby asked Charlie.

“They are up at night” Charlie explained.

Charlie and Chubby too apologized.

After that they headed towards the cricket pitch again.