A clue

Wednesday 3rd July 2019


Everyone got to a side.

Fox Brown was coming.

He had a note book in his hand.

Chubby and Charlie followed him.

Brown knelt down in front of the slab.

He bent and had a closer look at the inscription.

Next he noted down the letters in his book.

He spent about fifteen minutes there.

After that he walked back to the crowd.

Everyone waited anxiously.

“A bit of a serious matter” Fox Brown started talking.

“I could not decipher certain parts of it” he added.

There was pin drop silence among the crowd.

Fox started speaking again.

“From what I have deciphered this is something important”

“In what way?” asked Papa deer.

“It says this is King’s property” Brown said soberly.

“It also says breaking the slab is a punishable offence” he added.

Everyone looked at each other.

There are no kings in the country now.

“Shall we inform the Government Agent” Papa Rabbit asked.

Fox Brown nodded his head in agreement.