Wolf’s story

Wednesday 5th August 2020

Chubby came late.

He could hardly talk as he was panting.

“You are late Chubby” Willy grumbled.

Charlie gave a big piece of cheese to Chubby.

An elated Chubby thanked him.

Chubby explained the reason for his delay.

“My Aunt from Salt Water Farm visited us”

“We were listening to her stories”

“She told us a strange story about a wolf”

“I was so engrossed in the story I lost track of time”.

“What’s the story about the wolf?” Willy inquired.

“It’s a long story” Chubby said.

Charlie too pleaded with him to tell the story.

 “I told I don’t want to hear that” Vega walked away.

He is very scared of wolves.

“Come back Vega, it’s not a horror story” Chubby said loudly.

Vega stopped.

“It’s about a sweet wolf” Chubby said.

Vega’s looked puzzled.