Visiting farm

Wednesday 15th July 2020


Charlie and Curly woke up early.

The Sun hadn’t risen by then.

They started inquiring from Grand Aunt about the time of their visit to farm.

“Let’s go there around 10” she replied.

Mama and Papa Rabbit decided to remain.

So Grand Aunt, Arabella and the two children set off for the farm.

They climbed down the hill quite fast.

After that they started climbing the next hill.

The dairy farm was right on the top of the hill.

Charlie and Curly got so excited.

It was so beautiful.

They could see about five calves there.

They were all brown and white.

The calves looked at the rabbit children with big eyes.

They ran looking for their mother.

A sweet looking big white cow came out of the cow shed.

She smiled gleefully when she saw Grand Aunt.

“Oh come in, come in” Mama cow warmly welcomed everyone.