Vega’s ways

Thursday 30th July 2020

Charlie ran on to the playground.

He had returned from Grand Aunt’s the previous day.

Mama Rabbit gave some cheese to Charlie.

They were to be given to his friends.

Only Vega and Willy were there on the ground.

They were so happy to see Charlie after many days.

Charlie gave a big piece of cheese to pony boy Vega.

Vega beamed with happiness.

He loves cheese.

Willy however doesn’t eat cheese.

He kept the piece for his sister.

Vega sat on the grass.

He started eating his cheese slowly.

“Where is Chubby” Charlie asked him.

“My mama has said not to talk when having food” Vega said solemnly.

Charlie looked at Willy and smiled.

Both knew Vega was right.

Vega had his piece of cheese very elegantly, munching slowly.

“Chubby must be on the way” Willy informed Charlie.