Wednesday 24th June 2020


Aunt Arabella continued with the story.

“There were no other milk farm for miles” she went on.

“So people in the villages became helpless” Aunt Arabella added.

“They should have talked to the goats” Charlie interjected.

“They did. In fact they pleaded with the goats” Aunt Arabella informed.

“However the goats didn’t improve the quality” she said.

“That’s very bad” Curly said softly.

“Yes and then the village heads held a meeting” Aunt Arabella said.

“They invited the goat farm leader to come” she continued.

“However he did not go” she added.

“Finally the village heads went to the courts” Aunt Arabella informed.

Charlie and Curly looked at Aunt Arabella with wide eyes.

“The goats would have got scared” Charlie said.

“The goat farm leader was called to the courts” Aunt Arabella continued.

“Did he go?” Curly asked.

“No” Aunt Arabella informed.

“So the courts issued an arrest warrant on him” she informed.