Something amiss

Wednesday 21st October 2020

Mama deer Cutie was busy.

She had to do some baking.

That day nobody else was at home to help.

She baked five fruit cakes and a ribbon cake.

Those were for the village fair.

After baking she went to have a bath.

The deer family bathes in a pond near the house.

Cutie washed clothes and bathed.

She re-entered the house from the back door.

She had left it a little ajar.

Cutie glanced at the table after entering the house.

The cakes were there...but...

The beautiful ribbon cake she had made was missing.

Cutie stood still for a few seconds.

“What would have happened” she thought.

She wondered whether her son Chubby had come.

There was no sign of Chubby either.