No jokes

Wednesday 27th May 2020


Monty went to school the next day.

Papa bear escorted his son.

Monty attends the Deer School.

His family is the only bear family in the village.

So there are no bear schools there.

Papa Bear stopped at the school gate.

He wanted Monty to proceed to his class.

Monty was surprised.

“Papa, I thought you would come up to the class” he informed.

“No Monty, you should be fine today” Papa assured his son.

Papa Bear did not want to go towards the class.

He knew that the Deer children were frightened of big bears.

Monty was very disappointed.

He virtually dragged his feet to the class.

The word went around that Papa Bear had come with Monty.

The Deer Boys who called Monty by names got so frightened.

They were so silent throughout the day.

Monty had a peaceful day in the class.