New farm

Wednesday 8th July 2020


Grand Aunt smiled.

“So you have been listening to Arabella’s stories” she told the children.

“She just finished the story” a smiling Curly replied.

“What story did she tell you today?” Grand Aunt asked.

“About the goat farm” Charlie said.

“She said all the goats are gone now” he added.

“That’s true” Grand Aunt said.

“Then how do you get milk now, Grand Aunt?” Curly asked.

Grand Aunt sat on a chair.

“We have a dairy farm run by a cow family now” she informed.

“It’s a very cute little farm” she said smiling again.

“Oh where is it Grand Aunt” an excited Charlie asked.

“On the next hill” Grand Aunt said.

“Please take us there Grand Aunt” both the children pleaded.

“Let’s see tomorrow” Grand Aunt said.

Charlie and Curly jumped up in joy.

Arabella arranged bowls on a tray to serve porridge to everyone.