Monty’s sister

Wednesday 14th October 2020


Monty was so happy.

Willy collected so many petal- shaped leaves for him.

Willy took Monty to meet Mama Monkey.

“Mama didn’t I tell you I saw someone” Willy said triumphantly.

“Monty has come looking for those petal shaped leaves” he added.

Mama Monkey knew that those leaves were a medicine.

It’s used for stomach ache.

“Why Monty anyone has got a stomach ache?” Mama Monkey asked.

“Yes Aunty our baby sister isn’t well” Monty answered.

“She had eaten half a sack of berries last night” he informed.

Mama Monkey and Willy were stunned.

“That little girl?” asked Mama Monkey.

Willy started narrating the story.

His little sister had woken up in the night.

Everyone else had been fast asleep and she had felt hungry.

“She had looked for food and had seen the sack of berries” Willy explained.

“She had been eating berries till morning” he concluded.

“In that case you better run back home” Mama Monkey informed.

“Your Mama must be waiting for you” she reminded Willy.