Happy Wolf

Wednesday 12th August 2020

Chubby started telling the story.

“You know the Salt Water Farm is an all deer farm”

“There had been a drought in that area last year”

 “One day a villager had seen something strange”.

Willy and Charlie got closer to Chubby.

Vega stood a few feet away.

“A wolf had been sunbathing near the farm” Chubby continued.

“The deer villager had no time to even run”

“He had been standing almost in front of the wolf”

A wide-eyed Vega stood still.

“The deer was so frightened it could not even move”

“The wolf had ignored the deer and continued to sunbathe”

“He had been happily rolling in the sand”

“Next he had turned towards the deer”

“It had not rained for some time, isn’t it friend?” the wolf had asked the deer.

“The deer was too frightened to answer”

However it had managed to nod his head in agreement.