Wednesday 1st July 2020


The story was getting more excited.

Charlie and Curly did not bat an eyelid.

Aunt Arabella continued.

“The officers came to village to arrest the goat farm leader”

“The entire village had gathered” she said.

“They followed the policemen to the goat farm” Aunt Arabella informed.

“You know what happened next?” she asked the children.

“They found that there was not a soul in the farm” she informed.

“Why” asked both Charlie and Curly.

“The goats had escaped the previous night” aunt declared.

“No one had seen them leave” she added.

“But there were two hundred of them you said” Curly reminded.

“That’s the thing” Aunt Arabella emphasised.

“They had made the escape so smartly” she reminded.

“Where had they gone?” Charlie asked.

“Nobody knew, they could not find out” Aunt informed.

The two children were dumbfounded.

“But surely someone had seen them” Charlie insisted.

“There were stories doing the rounds” Aunt continued.

“An owl had seen figures crossing a stream that night” she said.

“But he had not gone to check out who they were” she concluded.

As then Grand Aunt entered the kitchen.