Goat Milk

Wednesday 17th June 2020


Charlie and Curly were stunned.

“How did they disappear?” they asked together.

Aunt Arabella was silent for a few seconds.

Afterwards she continued the story.

“The goats were providing milk for several villages” she said.

“Their milk was really good” Aunt Arabella informed.

“One fine day they increased the price of milk” she continued.

“It was a huge price hike” Aunt Arabella recalled.

“Their buyers protested and they refused to buy milk” she said.

Aunt Arabella paused for a second.

She went to the hearth to stir the porridge in the pot.

Curly and Charlie got impatient.

“What did the goats do then Aunt Arabella?” they asked.

Arabella turned to the children.

“They had no choice, but to sell for the old price” she said smiling.

“However they did a nasty thing” she added.

“They reduced the quality of the milk” Aunt Arabella informed.

“They milk was very watery” she continued.

“That’s really bad” both the children declared.