Wednesday 2nd September 2020

Wolf was still panting.

However he looked happy.

“These are from Willow Valley” he said.

The deer could not believe what was said.

He had even gone to the Willow Valley recently.

He and his neighbours went there in search of food.

However they did not find anything edible.

The deer finally spoke.

He narrated his recent visit to the area.

“The shrubs are behind that odd shaped rock” the wolf explained.

“There are hundreds of heather shrubs there” he informed.

“It’s amazing that they have survived during the drought” the wolf added.

How happy the deer was to hear that.

That should be enough food for the whole deer community.

“There must be some underground water source there” he told the wolf.

“Must be” the wolf too agreed.

“I don’t know how to thank you for this kindness” the deer told the wolf finally.

“Oh this is a small thing” the wolf said smiling.

“By the way I have to get going now” he announced.

“My folks must be waiting for me” the wolf reminded.

He said bye to the deer and left.

The deer started breaking the heather branches.