Curly Curly

Wednesday 23rd September 2020

‘Curly Curly’

Curly is used to that taunting.

A few girls in her school do that.

That’s because Curly has curly hair.

She has been ignoring the remarks for some time.

However today she thought she should put a stop to that.

Curly turned back.

“Thank you for the compliment” she told the girls.

“Yes everyone says my hair is nice” Curly went on.

“I know that so you need not repeat it” she added flashing a big smile.

The girls were stunned.

They didn’t expect Curly to respond.

Curly knew that her act had the desired effect.

“Bye” she said loudly and walked away.

On reaching home a jubilant Curly told Mama Rabbit what had happened.

Mama was so surprised.

“I don’t think they will ever taunt me again” a happy Curly said.

“I too don’t think so” Mama said with a broad smile.