Wednesday 9th September 2020

Vega titled his head.

He rolled his eyes.

He was not convinced.

How can a wolf and deer be friends? he wondered.

Willy however was very curious.

“What happened afterwards?” he asked Chubby.

Chubby continued the story.

The deer community hadn’t believed the story.

However they had wondered how the deer got the heather shrub.

They had agreed to go to the Willow valley looking for heather.

After all they all were half starving.

Just as the wolf had said there had been hundreds of heather shrubs.

They all had collected as much as they could carry.

As they had turned to go back they had seen someone on a rock

“That’s that wolf” the deer had told the others.

The others had got frightened.

However the wolf had said bye to his friend and disappeared again.

The deer community finally started believing the story.