Wednesday 22nd July 2020

The rabbits entered the diary house.

Grandaunt introduced the children to Mama Cow.

“This is my grandniece and that grandnephew”

“They wanted to see the diary”

“Oh how nice” Mama Cow said smiling.

Charlie and Curly thought that Mama Cow was very sweet.

“George, my husband, went to town” Mama Cow informed.

“He too would have loved to see you” she told the children.

She started introducing her children.

“This is Pumpkin and that is Pineapple, one near the door is Pear”

Charlie and Curly were really amused by the names.

“That one near the fence is Papaya and the one behind the shed is Peach”

Next she took the rabbit team to the cheese shed,

A big white bull was overseeing the work there.

There were other three bulls making cheese and butter.

“These are my brothers” Mama Cow explained.

The big bull explained the cheese making process to the children.

He packed big chunks of cheese for the children.

“You are going to love this cheese” Aunt Arabella told the children.

“This is the best you can find in the country” she informed.