At Grand Aunt’s

Wednesday 3rd June 2020


Charlie and Curly ran up the hillock.

Their parents trudged along behind.

Grand Aunt was waiting in front of her cottage.

Grand Aunt is Mama Rabbit’s mother’s sister.

It was after two years that the family was visiting her.

Grand Aunt came halfway to meet the children.

She gave warm hugs to Charlie and Curly.

“Oh Charlie you have grown taller” she said.

Charlie was over the moon.

Next she had a good look at Curly.

“Curly you are getting prettier and prettier” she commented.

Curly blushed.

Grand Aunt has always been nice and kind.

Both Charlie and Curly loved her dearly.

Mama Rabbit and Papa Rabbit reached them a little later.

Grand Aunt ushered the small company into her cottage.

Curly loved everything about Grand Aunt’s cottage.

There were flower pots all around the house.

The house too was full of interesting things.

There were so many quaint porcelain figures.

There were figures of fairies and ballerinas.

They all looked very delicate.