Arabella’s story

Wednesday 10th June 2020


It was late afternoon.

Curly went to Grand Aunt’s kitchen.

Arabella, the kitchen help was preparing the supper.

She is a good story teller.

She narrates real life stories.

“Aunt Arabella could you please tell me a story” Curly pleaded.

Arabella smiled.

“Ok I will tell you the goat farm story” Arabella said.

“Wait I will call Charlie too” Curly said running out of the kitchen.

 She returned with Charlie within seconds.

“Where was the goat farm, Aunt Arabella?” Charlie asked.

“It was behind that old house down the slope” Arabella said.

Then she remembered something.

“Charlie you are not going down the slope this time” she said firmly.

Charlie’s walk down the slope during the last visit had created quite a stir.

“I won’t. Now tell the story Aunt Arabella” he pleaded.

“The farm was run by the goats themselves” Arabella informed.

“There were about two hundred goats there” she added.

“But one night they all disappeared” she said with wide eyes.