Wednesday 27th of July 2016

Papaya 6

Tara was in the garden.

Shadow her pet dog came running towards her.

Tara stroked his head.

Shadow jumped at her and ran away.

He wanted Tara to chase him.

“Not today Shadow, I am a little tired to run,” she told him.

Shadow sat on the grass next to Tara.

He was disappointed.

Just then Amma called her.

“Tara, wash your hands and have some papaya!” said Amma.

“I have left it on the dining table,” she added.

Tara thought for a while.

She did not feel like going into the house.

“Amma, I had papaya a few days back also...” she said.

“That was last week. Go and eat it, Tara” requested Amma.

Tara saw her brother walking into the verandah with a big piece of papaya.

“That’s a big piece, Aiya!” Tara said smiling.

“I am going to have good eyes and good skin!” said Tarun, taking a big bite.

Tara looked at her brother in amazement.

“Does papaya give you good eyes and skin?” she asked curiously.

“Yes, and help fight infections also. It has Vitamins A, B, C and D!” said


Tara kept looking at her brother.

Then she slowly walked into the house.

She took a piece of papaya from the plate and joined her brother in the


She really wanted to have good eyes and good skin.

She also knew how nice it would be to have a strong body to fight illnesses.

Then she wouldn't need to go to the doctor's often or keep away from school

like other children.

Tara was so happy that she learnt the health benefits of papaya from her



  • What did Shadow want Tara to do?
  • What, according to Tarun, are the health benefits of papaya?
  • What did Tara do after walking into the house?