Stop Worrying

Sunday 24th of July 2016

Stop Worrying 2

Tarun was busy studying for his term tests.

Amma peeped through the half closed door.

It was nice to see Tarun absorbed in his studies after some time.

She quietly walked up to his table and kept his mug of tea.

Tarun looked at his mother and smiled.

Thaththa returned home a bit late in the evening.

He was after a late meeting.

After a shower, he went to the living room and found Tarun there.

“Getting ready for your tests?” he asked Tarun smiling.

“Yeah, tomorrow is Maths!” said Tarun with a dry smile.

Tarun was not very good in Maths.

However he was not a weak student either.

Tarun had been studying hard this term.

Thaththa figured that Tarun was in need of a confidence boost.

“Getting jitters?” he asked smiling.

Tarun smiled.

“I am a bit worried because it’s Maths,” admitted Tarun.

Thaththa sat next to Tarun and put his arm around him.

“You are trying your best. That’s the most important thing!” said Thaththa.

“Don’t bother the exam before it bothers you. You worked hard. I think you can do better this

time!” he added.

Tarun thought about Thaththa’s words seriously.

He realized that there was no point in worrying about the test the next day.

He had done his part by studying well.

Worrying was not going to make the test paper better for him.

Tarun felt much better.

“Let’s go and have dinner!” said Thaththa.

A much lighthearted Tarun followed Thaththa to the dining table.


  • What did Amma do after peeping through the half closed door?
  • What did Tarun admit to?
  • What, according to Thaththa, was the most important thing?