Beautiful Sky

Thursday 21st of July 2016

beautiful sky 7


Tara was seated by the window.

She had a good view of the sky from there.

The sun was setting.

The colour of the sky kept on changing.

First it was blue and white.

White clouds in a light blue sky.

Then a pink glow took over.

It was followed by bright red and yellow.

The sun looked like a fireball.

Slowly, the sun started setting.

It disappeared.

The colour of the sky changed again.

It turned to grey.

Tara knew that in a little while the stars were to start twinkling.

“What are you watching Tara?” asked Amma.

“The sky, Amma!” replied Tara, still looking at the sky.

“Why is the world so beautiful, Amma?” she asked turning her head.

Amma smiled and sat next to Tara.

“The world will always be a beautiful place to those who think it is beautiful!” said Amma, stroking Tara’s head.

“As long as we focus only on beautiful things and good things we will feel good,” she added.

Tara thought for a while.

How true, she thought.

Every time she heard or saw something sad and thought too much about it, that had made her sadder.

Tara remembered how she remained sad the whole day every time she saw someone hurting a dog.

However, does that mean I should not think about them at all? wondered Tara.

She posed the question to her mother.

“If someone or even an animal is in trouble and if you are in a position to help, please go help!” said Amma.

“However if you cannot do it or cannot get any help in that case being sad the whole day about it may not help,” she added.

“But what do I do if the painful thoughts continue, Amma?” asked Tara.

“Talk to someone and share your pain and then move on!” replied Amma.

“If there’s nobody around then try to shift your focus to something pleasant like moving clouds,” said Amma, smiling.

What a useful lesson, thought Tara.

She told herself never to wallow in sorrow hereafter unnecessarily.

She knew that if nothing else there was the sky to focus on and be happy.


What, according to Amma, makes one feel good?

What was Amma’s first advice in the case of continuous painful thoughts?

What was the second option suggested by Amma?