Sunday 17th of July 2016

Smile 4

Tara had her lunch quietly.

She did not talk.

Amma wanted to serve more rice to Tara.

“This is enough, Amma” said Tara softly.

It seemed like something was worrying Tara.

Amma was curious to know what was bothering her.

She wanted to wait until Tara finished her meal.

All of a sudden Tara stopped eating.

She looked at mother sorrowfully.

“Why do some girls act differently at different times, Amma?” she asked.

“Like how?” asked Amma curiously.

Tara looked down.

“Some girls stop smiling all of a sudden!” she said softly.

“They must be having their own reasons for that, Tara” said Amma kindly.

“You need not worry about those!” she added.

Then slowly Tara started explaining what happened.

Tara had bumped into a friend from next class when she was returning home.

That friend, Amaya, had played in the ground with Tara, Amanda and Anjula even a few days


However, today when Tara smiled with her she had not smiled back.

“Perhaps she must have been busy thinking about something else,” pointed out Amma.

“It happens to us also at times, Tara!” added Amma.

“Sometimes someone is right in front of us but fail to get registered as our minds are elsewhere,”

she further explained.

Tara could relate to that.

It had happened to her also quite a few times.

“Even if it’s not the case don’t worry. After all, you have not done anything wrong to her” said


“If she is not smiling for no fault of yours, then it’s not your problem. It’s her problem,” emphasized


Tara thought for a while.

She was quite sure that she had not done anything wrong.

She felt relieved.

Tara was so happy that she shared this worry of hers with Amma.

“Amma knows best!” she thought and continued with her meal.


Why made Tara worry?

With whom did Amaya play a few days before?

What did Tara think about Amma finally?