Wednesday 13th of July 2016

Tidiness 2


Tara heard a noise from her brother’s room.

She went to see what the noise was all about.

The door of Tarun’s room was wide open.

He was pulling books from shelves and opening and closing drawers.

He was looking for something.

There were books on his bed, table and some even sitting on the lampshade.

“What are you looking for Aiya?” asked Tara.

“My science book!” answered Tarun, in a hurry while looking under his bed.

He did not even look at Tara.

A minute or two later their mother walked into the room.

“Now don’t tell me you have lost a book again, Tarun!” said Amma, without even asking Tarun.

“Have you?” she asked.

Tarun looked down.

“What is this putha? Why can’t you keep you arrange your books in an organized manner?” she

asked, a little miffed.

“Every other day you lose books and turn the room upside down!” she added.

Tarun looked everywhere but he could not find the book.

He looked miserable.

“Tomorrow is the science monthly test..” he said with a very worried look.

Amma shook her head and started helping Tarun in the search.

She found the book.

It was in the stack of books on his bed.

Tarun looked relieved.

“Now, I am not going to leave this room until you organize all your books properly!” ordered


“Take these books from your bed and keep them on the table!” she instructed him in a firm tone.

Tarun started arranging them lazily.

“Look at Tara’s room. She never loses books like you do!” explained Amma.

Tara beamed.

“Everyday you have to organize your desk. If you don't, then there will be no TV or an afternoon

game of cricket with your friends down the lane hereafter, not even if Nipun comes and pleads

with me!” said Amma, getting up from Tarun's chair.

Nipun was Tarun’s friend in neighbourhood.

Tara looked at her brother.

He looked concerned.

“Now study for tomorrow’s test!” said Amma, walking out of the room.

Tara followed Amma sincerely hoping that her brother would keep his books organized at least

from now on.


  • What did Tara see her brother doing when she walked into his room?
  • What was he looking for?
  • What did Tara finally hope for?