Sunday 10th of July 2016

Sunday story

It was a Sunday morning.

Tara was in the garden.

She saw a sedge of cranes flying across the sky.

They looked so beautiful.

Their feathers glistened in the sunlight.

As usual they were flying in the shape of the letter V.

'They must be going to find food!' thought Tara.

Seconds later she saw a single crane flying towards the same direction.

However it looked like it was flying with a lot of effort and much slower.

'Perhaps it’s not well,' the thought struck Tara.

She felt so sorry for the bird.

She hoped and prayed that it could catch up with the fellow cranes.

Tara strained her neck and kept looking at the lonely bird till it disappeared from her view.

She did not even see her father walking towards her.

"What are you looking for Tara?" asked Thaththa.

Tara turned back and explained what she saw.

"Don’t worry! That crane must be knowing the destination even if it fails to catch up with the others

halfway," said Thaththa, consoling Tara.

Tara was relieved.

"They usually feed at the same place for weeks, if not months" he explained.

"But Thaththa, don’t you think the other cranes should have slowed down a bit and gone with that

one?" asked Tara.

"Shouldn’t they help the sick one?" she insisted looking at her father earnestly.

Thaththa smiled.

"Well, well we do not know what exactly has happened. Perhaps they had some reason to go

earlier," he replied.

"However it’s very nice of you to have thought that way Tara," he said stroking her head.

"We should always help the disabled and the weak," he said kindly.

"Yes! Aiya helped Arosha Aiya with his studies when he injured his leg," said Tara.

Arosha was a friend of Tara’s brother Tarun.

Arosha got injured during a basketball game and could not go to school for a couple of weeks.

Tarun asked him to come home and helped him with the schoolwork he was missing.

"Yes, that was very nice of Tarun," agreed Thaththa.

Amma called Tara and Thaththa in for breakfast.

Even as she was walking into the house Tara hoped that the lonely bird would have found the rest

of the cranes.


  • What did Tara see in the sky initially?
  • What did she hope and pray for?
  • Which statement by Thaththa made Tara relieved?