Wednesday 6th of July 2016

Water 7

It was a Monday.

Tara was walking happily towards the classroom.

There was a lot to catch up with her friends after the weekend.

As she was about to enter the classroom she saw something.


Someone had spilled water on the floor right in front of the classroom door.

Tara got worried.

‘Someone might slip and fall,’ she thought.

Just as she entered the classroom, Tara asked Amanda who had spilled water there.

“Vishvi” she replied.

“We asked her to at least put some paper on the water but she is refusing to do that,”

added Amanda.

Tara looked at Vishvi.

Vishvi looked the other way.

Tara wanted to put some paper there.

She was worried that someone would fall.

Just then the first bell rang.

She had to wait in class.

A few minutes later a senior prefect entered the room.

“Who spilled water here?” she asked pointing towards the pool of water.

“Vishvi”, said a few girls said.

“Who is Vishvi?” asked the prefect, with a sense of authority.

The others pointed at her.

“Can you please go to the cleaners’ room and ask a cleaner to come soon?” said the

prefect, instructing Vishvi.

Vishvi left the classroom looking down.

She returned with a cleaner and he mopped the floor.

“Anyone could have slipped and fallen. It could have been a teacher or a student!” the

prefect told Vishvi.

Vishvi was looking down.

“We should always be mindful that what we do deliberately or unintentionally should not

put another in trouble!” said the prefect to the whole class.

Then she left the classroom.

Tara was so happy about the whole thing.

She knew that from now on Vishvi would not act so selfishly.


  • Where did Tara see the water?
  • What did the prefect want Vishvi to do?
  • What advice did she give the class?