Back to the grocery

Wednesday 6th May 2020


Monty jumped up.

He was startled by the loud shout of Chubby.

“Where am I?” he asked Chubby sleepily.

“In our log hut” a laughing Chubby replied.

“You are a fine fellow Monty” Chubby told him.

“You had slept throughout the storm” he added while still laughing.

Mama deer Cutie came running.

“Oh Monty there you are” she was so relieved.

“Chubby, run and stop the papas” she ordered Chubby.

Chubby started running.

“Everyone one is looking for you” Cutie informed Monty.

Monty looked confused.

Cutie stroked the bear boy's head.

Chubby returned with the papas.

They forgot the fears and had a good laugh.

“Let’s go to the grocery” Papa bear told Monty.

“We have to buy groceries” he reminded.

Monty followed Papa bear and Papa rabbit.