Making pickle

Sunday 9th of February 2020
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Tarun got some mangoes from Nipun.

Nipun has a big mango tree in the garden.

“I will take the raw ones” mother told him.

“Why, take some ripe ones” Tarun insisted.

“No I need raw ones” mother said smiling.

Tarun was surprised.

“I am going to make mango pickle” mother declared.

Tarun was ecstatic.

He loves mango pickle.

Tara came running on hearing the news.

They both followed mother to the kitchen.

Tarun helped mother by peeling the mangoes.

Tara sat watching him.

Tarun posed her a question.

“What are the vitamins you get in mangoes?”

“Vitamin C” Tara replied.

“What else?” Tarun prodded.

Tara did not know.

“Vitamin A, B, C, E and K” Tarun explained.

He went on explaining the importance of each vitamin.

Tara listened carefully.

She was glad that she eats mangoes often.


For what did mother need raw mangoes?

How did Tarun help mother?

Why was Tara glad?