Trees for the lane

Sunday 2nd of February 2020
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Trees-for-lane (1)

The idea was Nipun’s.

It was to organise a car wash.

The purpose was to raise money to buy plants.

The lane was in need of more trees.

The place resembled a desert.

“It should be shadier” everyone agreed.

A decision was taken to plant trees along the road.

Everyone agreed that fruit trees be planted.

There’s a plant nursery in town.

The boys decided to buy fruit plants from there.

“Twenty plants should be bought” Tarun suggested.

Saturday morning everything was ready for the wash.

The fathers brought the cars.

They were parked along the road.

Nipun, Tarun and the rest of the boys got busy.

Tara too helped them to wash the cars.

They raised nearly Rs. 3,500 within two hours.

“There’s more than enough to buy the plants” a jubilant Nipun said.

The boys went to the plant nursery in the evening.

Tara was eagerly waiting their return.

She was so happy to be part of a worthy cause.


What was Nipun’s idea?

From where were they planning to buy plants?

Why was Tara happy?