Fake beggar

Sunday 26th of January 2020
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Shadow was barking non-stop at the gate.

Someone had come.

Mother was in the shower.

“Aiya, someone is at the gate” Tara informed her brother.

“Amma is in the shower” she added.

Tarun got up grudgingly from his chair.

He went to the gate and opened it.

Tara followed him.

There was a young man standing near the gate.

He was limping.

“Please give me some money” the man pleaded.

Tarun shook his head and closed the gate.

Tara was surprised.

“A fake beggar” Tarun told his sister.

“He was pretending he had a limp” he added.

“Was he?” a wide-eyed Tara inquired.

“Yes, he is young and able” Tarun insisted.

“He can easily find some work” he continued.

Tara knew he was right.

She had heard that even some blind people are employed.

“This man can easily find work” Tara too concluded.



Why did Shadow bark non-stop?

Who was at the gate?

What did Tarun say about his limp?