Pencil Marks

Sunday 19th of January 2020
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The new term commenced.

Anjula walked into the classroom.

“Oh! you have grown taller” Tara told her.

“Have I?” an overjoyed Anjula responded.

After a while Anjula wasn’t to be seen.

Tara turned back.

She could see Anjula in the back of the classroom.

Anjula was getting her height measured.

She was standing against the back of the wall.

Two other girls were helping her.

Savani, one of the girls, had a pencil and a ruler.

She marked Anjula’s height on the wall with a pencil.

Next Anjula started measuring Savani’s height.

She was about to draw a pencil mark on the wall.

“Anjula don’t” Tara said loudly.

A surprised Anjula looked at Tara.

 “You should not draw marks on the wall” Tara reminded.

Tara’s friend Amanda supported her.

“If everyone draws lines the wall woul look ugly” Amanda said.

Anjula realised the mistake.

“Sorry” she said meekly.

“Sorry” Savani too said.


Where was Anjula when Tara looked for her?

What was she doing there?

What did Amanda tell Anjula and others?