Wednesday 15th January 2020
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Cutie looked all around.

She couldn’t see water.

She could still hear the gurgling of water clearly.

 “Am I imagining the sound” she wondered.

She probed further.

The sound of water was coming from a rock.

In fact it was coming from inside the rock.

Cutie thought it was really strange.

She went around the rock.

There was an opening from behind.

There was enough space for Cutie to move in.

However first she put her head in.

The inside looked like a cave.

She was amazed by what she saw next.

There was a water fountain.

It had sprung up from the ground.

Water was gushing out from the fountain.

Cutie was stunned.

She kept on looking at the fountain.

Then she remembered her plants.

She held the plants to the water.

Cutie couldn’t wait till she broke the news to others.