Out of turn

Sunday 12th of January 2020
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A friend of Tara’s mother paid her a visit.

Her name was Pamela.

She is from a charity group.

Mother was helping in their charity.

Pamela was speaking non-stop.

“How can a person speak so much?” Tara thought.

Mother introduced Tara and Tarun to Pamela.

Pamela asked Tara about her school.

Tara started answering her question.

Before she had finished Pamela started talking again.

Same thing happened to Tarun.

Pamela didn’t let their mother speak much either.

Tara was so relieved when she finally left.

She spoke to her mother.

“Amma that aunt doesn’t know manners” she said.

 “She is a real chatterbox” Tarun too joined.

“What’s wrong with her?” he asked mother.

Mother smiled.

“Some people talk out of turn” she said.

“It’s a good lesson for you too” she told her children.

“Now you know the importance of letting others talk” she added.

Tara too thought it was a good lesson.


What did Pamela ask from Tara?

What made Tara feel relieved?

According to mother what was the lesson in Pamela’s visit?