Wednesday 8th January 2020
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Water NEW

Deer mama Cutie was so excited.

She is a rose grower.

She wanted to take some rose plants with her.

Cutie turned to Mama Rabbit.

“Is it ok to pull out a few red ones?” she asked.

“It’s ok. No one owns these wild plants” Mama Rabbit replied.

“Yes there are hundreds of plants here” Mama Monkey too agreed.

Cutie happily pulled out a few plants.

About two hours passed.

The atmosphere was getting hot.

The plants with Cutie started looking wilted.

“They need water” Cutie said sorrowfully.

The group had only two bottles of water.

Cutie didn’t want to waste that.

She got up with the plants in hands.

“Let me see whether I can find some water” Cutie told the others.

She walked around to find water.

All of a sudden she heard the sound of gurgling water.