Sixty Rupees

Sunday 5th of January 2020
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Tarun was at the grocery down the lane.

He bought some groceries for mother.

Next he went to the counter to pay.

Before him was an elderly woman.

She had brought some exercise books.

“Must be for her grandchildren” Tarun thought.

 “Three hundred and sixty” the cashier told the elderly woman.

She was pulling out some notes from her purse.

Unfortunately she had only three hundred rupees with her.

The woman looked helpless.

She returned two of the book she had bought. 

Tarun felt so sad.

He pulled a hundred rupee note from his pocket.

“Take this for the two books” he told the cashier.

Afterwards Tarun picked up the two books and handed them over to the women.

The woman looked at Tarun with a great sense of gratitude.

“Much merit to you son” she told Tarun.

Tarun felt so good.

Back at home he informed mother about the incident.

Mother appreciated his kind gesture immensely.

“What you have done is really good Tarun|” she said.

Tara too felt so proud of her brother.



What did the elderly woman buy from the grocery store?

Why did she return two books?

What did mother do when Tarun informed about incident?