Wednesday 1st January 2020
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The team finished the picnic meal.

The boys and Papas got up to go.

However Chubby was hesitating.

 “I will stay” he told others.

His mama Cutie too thought it was a good idea.

“Yes Chubby you stay with us” she said.

So Charlie and Willy left with their Papas.

The other watched them climbing the steeped part of hill.

Curly and Sweety started walking around.

“Don’t go far” their mamas warned.

They walked up to a nearby rock.

They could see some beautiful flowers around it.

“Roses” they both exclaimed.

There were red roses and a few white ones as well.

“Mama…” Curly called her mother.

All mamas came to where the girls were.

“Oh wild roses….” they all said.

Everyone started admiring the flowers.

Chubby was feeling sleepy.

He stretched himself on the grass and had a nap.