Sunday 29th of December 2019
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The family was  still in Tara’s father’s village.

Mother asked Tara to get ready.

They were going to visit a cousin of their grandmother.

Tara, Tarun and their parents climbed a hill.

Half way up the hill there was a house.

It was a wattle and daub one.

It had a coconut leaf roof.

Tara thought that house was very cute.

However what happened next surprised her.

Her parents led the way to that house.

“Are we going to that house” a surprised Tara asked.

“Yes we are” mother replied.

“Is she poor?” Tara asked.

“Yes we have both poor and rich relations Tara” mother answered.

The grand aunt came out of the house.

She warmly welcomed them.

Tara found the inside of the house so fascinating.

“You have a nice house” Tara told the grand aunt.

The grand aunt was so happy.

Tara was so glad that she had visited her.


Who lived in the daub and wattle house?

What did mother say about their relations?

What made grand aunt happy?