A good start

Wednesday 25th December 2019


It was a sunny day.

The boys and girls were leading the pack.

Their Mamas and Papas followed them.

Sweety started singing.

“Give me a home where the buffalo roam….”

Curly, Charlie, Willy and Chubby joined her.

After about forty minutes they came to the bottom of the hill.

Everyone sat down to rest a little.

Mama deer Cutie walked a little distance ahead.

“I think we too can climb the hill half way” she told the others.

Curly and Sweety too went to where Cutie was.

“Yes we can” they too said.

 “We can have the picnic meal up there” Cutie informed.

The whole team started climbing the hill after the break.

The climb was not easy as expected.

The deer found it bit difficult.

The rabbits and monkeys found it much easier.

Chubby and Cutie were helped by the others.

Finally they reached a flat landing place.

“Let’s wait here” Mama Rabbit suggested.

The Mamas opened the baskets for tea.

The others sat around them.