Yala and Maha

Sunday 22nd of December 2019
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Tara and Tarun were so happy.

They got the school holiday break.

They came to their father’s village with their parents.

It had rained heavily during the past few days.

The sun shone brightly the day after they had arrived.

Tara and Tarun went for a walk with their father.

The paddy fields were full of rain water.

Above the water they could see the top parts of paddy plants.

“Will the water affect the plants, Thaththa?” Tarun asked.

 “It’s sunny today” father started explaining.

 “The water is likely to evaporate” he pointed out.

“The plants too are big enough to weather flood water” father added.

Tara was so glad to hear that.

“When are they going to harvest the crop” Tarun asked.

“This is the Maha season” father informed.

“It starts during the September-October period” he said.

“Harvesting would be in February or March” father emphasised.

“The Yala season starts in May” he went on.

“Harvesting is done in August” father concluded.

Tara and Tarun were glad that they had learned about paddy seasons.

They were determined to share the facts with their friends.