Ray of Hope

Wednesday 18th December 2019


It was a big relief.

Finally the boys were going on the hike.

However they were not going alone.

Papa Rabbit and Papa monkey were accompanying them. 

Papa Deer was unable to make it.

However Chubby was going with the team.

The boys agreed to the plan halfheartedly.

Parents were against them going alone.

For days the boys were talking about Redwood hill.

Curly and Sweety felt left out.

“Can we also join Papa?” Curly asked Papa Rabbit.

Papa thought the hike would be tough for the girls.

The two girls were sulking for days.

Finally Mama monkey came up with an idea.

“Let’s go on a picnic to the bottom of the hill” she suggested.

“Let’s go with the girls” she added.

Mama Rabbit agreed.

Mama deer and Curly too wanted to join them.

Curly and Sweety were over the moon.

They were dancing in joy.

“We are going, we going”